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Unfortunately, this video is only available in German.

Kuico – Art in Corona Times is an artistic documentation of the Corona times with the help of photography and text. In addition to the creative participants of the project, we also present the opinions and statements of people from culture, politics, economics, medicine, sociology, psychology, philosophy, etc., because Corona affects all areas of our culture. The project will run from 2020 to 2022.


I am very happy to be working on and presenting this project with photographer Simone Naumann. The contributions to #Kuico are from the Corona-time 2020/2021 – I cordially invite you to visit the associated Kuico project page for information and inspiration.

Here you can visit the project-site. Unfortunately, this website #kuico is only available in German. So you can read here a short description of the project:


Kuico is an art project that accompanies people, presents views, and shows ways of dealing with the difficult situation – it is an artistic way of documenting the time from 2020 to 2022, because we believe there will exist in the in the future the time “before Corona” and “after Corona”. 

We invited photography enthusiasts, artists and photographers to participate in the project #Kuico. We asked them for their personal statement and for photographs or works of art that were created from the beginning of the Corona period until the end of 2021. There are no requirements as to the emotions that the works should portrayed.

However, there is one requirement that must be met: the tool with which the artwork or photography was made must be a smartphone. We want to show that photographic works created with a smartphone are of really high quality. In our opinion, the decisive factor is the photographer’s view for motifs, and the way he then creatively work with the image material, not the expensive equipment.

We give people who have an opinion a platform to present their thoughts. Was everything really bad? How do we all get through these hard times? Are there winners, not just losers?

And because of art is always connected with all the other things that make up our cultures – with political and philosophical attitudes, with provision, be it medical or financial, with the respective social life situations and, of course, with very personal spiritual and mental attitudes.

Corona concerns all these areas and so we find it only natural for this project that voices from all these areas can also be heard/read: Medicine, cultural industries, economics, sociology, philosophy, soul care, social engagement, psychology etc. 

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