Project #Search for Traces


Project #Spurensuche – Search for Traces

Opening of the Ingolstadt Old Town Theatre. 2016.

15 different perspectives on the city of Ingolstadt, brought to the stage by artists from the fields of painting, literature or theatre and by women of Ingolstadt who work as midwives, gilders or in drugstores.

Eva Leopoldi had the vision of representing Ingolstadt in sound and was able to inspire Anton Tyroller with this idea.

After all, the sense of hearing is, along with the sense of smell, one of the most intense sensory experiences.

The sense of hearing is the most differentiated of our senses. The ear processes more than twice as many sensory impressions as the eye. The cochlea can distinguish 7,000 different pitches. And we associate sounds with memories and experiences.

And so a successful sound collage was created, showing visitors an acoustic walk through Ingolstadt as seen by the two artists.

Leopoldi und Tyroller were also involved in the #MachmaKunst project at the Altstadt Theatre.

See the video of this project:


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