Self-Portraits – Eva.xxxx


Self-portraits – Alter Egos – The Me in the Other

At some point in the life of every artist there will come an interest in studying oneself, in trying to portray oneself. Eva Leopoldi also had this insight.

But since the artist much prefers to be behind the camera than in front of it, she was grateful for the opportunity to use alter egos for herself. These alter egos are created and staged by her and do not show the outer appearance features, but rather the ego in the shell. Because for the artist, this inner core of a human being is the only important aspect of a living being.

In 2016, the first Eva.xxxx was created for an exhibition dedicated to Dadaism. There are now three Eva avatars in total. A fourth is being planned – it will be the Eva.2023. 60 years and not a bit wise…. ? 

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Eva.2016 – The great LaLeLiLoLu

The idea was to use my alter ego instead of me personally for an exhibition on the theme of Dadaism. In a fashion shop in Ingolstadt that I passed and unfortunately had to give up, mannequins were being sold at the time – and voilá – I already knew who was replacing me.

Ein Ausschnitt eines Fotos der von Eva Leopoldi künstlerisch gestalteten Schaufensterpuppe, der Eva.2016
Detail 1 – Eva.2016

More about the Great LaLeLiLoLu and the exhibition? Click here to continue.



Eva.2017 – The Marveller

Then in 2017, a new alter ego emerged. This time, a small metal sculpture that Eva Leopoldi received as a gift from her husband was the impetus for more self-portraits.

For me, this little metal figure, which I received as a gift, was and is clearly a “marveller” who marvels at everyday things, beautiful, weird and crazy things and sometimes gets lost in her own world of thoughts in it. And I could immediately find myself in this marveller, because I am very lucky to be able to marvel at things, words, sentences or situations again and again…

An Alter Ego of the artist Eva Leopoldi.
Respectful astonishment

Humorous and yet profound are the self-portraits with the Eva.2017 that Leopoldi created with this figure. More here.


Eva.2020. – The Eva with rough edges

The third alter ego Leopoldi has used is a small figure, designed by herself and brought to life in 3D printing.

I simply wanted to experience what kind of Eva will emerge when I do the designing myself – and I am happy with this Eva. She is not as beautiful and sexy as the Eva.2016. and not as cold and hard as the Eva.2017. – she has a warm, light haptic, is absolutely imperfect and I enjoyed working with her and staging my thoughts.

Fotografie aus der Serie Eva.2020. von Eva Leopoldi
No pig listens to me…

Two series have been created with this Eva.2020. Continue here.

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