Staged photography

For me, staged photography is always also narrative photography. Because you can really tell stories with photos, too.

It is a very interesting task to plan a photo composition and even to realise it. Thoughts can be staged with the help of objects, colours, light and shadow, positions. Every time a challenge, every time a lot of work and every time a lot of fun. If you want to know more about my way of working – in my gallery you will find prints, videos and more.

In 2017, the first series of staged photography was created: the project #Eva.2017.

 Always “rum” and around or the way Hulk learned to dance. This painting is an Artivive painting!


In 2020, the second series of staged photography followed: the project #Eva.2020.

Still Life with the Artist's Alter Ego - A Tribute to Max Raabe
Still life or No pig listens to me…


Later in 2020, I created the third series with my alter ego, the Eva.2020.C series. It was themed around the Corona pandemic and I tried to tell my story with it as well.

Representation of the life of distance that Corona forces us to live. Retreat to protect myself and the people around me.
Voluntary retreat in Corona times.


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