Leopoldi -Art.repeated.different.


“Art is magic, freed from the lie of being truth.” Theodor Adorno

“Art is a line around your thoughts.” Gustav Klimt


“Art is the result of curiosity and the desire to tell stories.” Eva Leopoldi


Eva Leopoldi – the artist who has something to tell.

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Narrative art by Eva Leopoldi


Art Photography


Artistic photography is the main area in which Eva Leopoldi works.
She creates narrative art by means of artistic photography and subsequent digital processing.



Art Projects

“MachMaKunst” in the Old Town Theater Ingolstadt


Project work has been the focus of Eva Leopoldi’s work for many years.
Art projects on specific themes have been created. The ten most important ones are presented here.





Natasha – mistress of the air


For her paintings, the artist developed a special painting technique on the medium of silk.
In the early days of her art life, she also used this type of painting for her projects.





Leopoldi-Art.repeated.different is the slogan of Eva Leopoldi, which expresses her philosophy of art.
She wants to tell new things, create new information, by quoting or reusing existing elements quoted or reused within a new work of art.


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