Performative photography

The game with endless possibilities

From Niklas Luhmann originated the statement, “…contingent is something that is neither necessary nor impossible; that is, what can be as it is (was, will be), but is also possible in another way…..”

This scope of open possibilities and liberties in performative photography, which eludes clearly controlled planning, is what the artist Eva Leopoldi has discovered for herself. However, she does not call her photographic artworks contingent photographs in a scientifically correct way, but prefers the simple and meaningful term Narrative Photography in Leopoldi style.

This implies, on the one hand, the knowledge of the loss of control and, on the other, the post-processing that turns the playfully preserved images into the stories the artist would like to tell.

I discovered the new term #techspressionism, which a group of committed artists wants to transport into the art world and anchor it there. I think this term is very interesting and I absolutely find myself in it. I use and enjoy the possibilities of chance, but in the final editing I still show concretely with digital processing how my story will turn out.

Particularly noteworthy is the development of the Narrative TV-Pics, which Leopoldi developed during the Corona epidemic. But also the deliberate gesture or the use of long exposure, multiple exposure or the night mode shows the artist’s open, letting-go attitude towards the “captured result”.

The use of AI-supported programs is also consciously used and processed. This area of artistic photography can be found under the term:
AlgoBrush meets Leopoldi: An exciting fusion of creativity and code. Learn more here.




Narrative TV-Pics