Project #AnalogueMeetsDigital


Project #AnalogueMeetsDigital – you are leaving the comfort zone

On 04 May 2018, the 1st Augmented Reality exhibition took place in Erding at the Frauenkircherl.

The two artists Soussen(Susanne Fornasier) and Eva Leopoldi have discovered the innovative possibilities of “augmented reality” for themselves and their art and invited visitors to approach the subject in an entertaining and exciting way.

There is a feeling in both artists’ souls that there should be urgent changes in the art business. So it was a perfect fit that philosopher Nicole Zepter brought quotes from her book: “Hating Art. A Disappointed Love” were made freely available.

This exhibition “analogue meets digital – you are leaving the comfort zone” offered an exhibition concept that brought visitors directly into the experience of art. The Artivive app brought an additional digital level to the enjoyment of art, the quotes encouraged discussion. The viewer was supposed to do more than just look – he was allowed and encouraged to become active. Laugh, ponder, exchange ideas, even criticise. Simply get out of your comfort zone! There should be communication with art, because art is a cultural treasure that has always been there for all people and should be there again for all people. And in a way that does not lecture, that does not frighten and that is not only for an elitist upper class.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung also found the topic interesting: Süddeutsche Zeitung: Analogue meets digital and Süddeutsche Zeitung: Digital expanded.


Here you can see a short video excerpt of how the prostitute of the picture transforms and comes to life with the help of the Artivive app on the mobile phone.



The possibilities offered by this app from Artivive are just great! It opens up a whole new way for us artists to take visitors/viewers into virtual spaces that we make available to you. We can give you entry into studio spaces, more virtual exhibition spaces, making-of video scenes, or just the joy and pleasure of changing and bringing our own works to life. And – something I find very important: this kind of art presentation also succeeds in reaching children and young people and entering into a dialogue with them.


And because it was so much fun – here is another #MovingPicture:


And it’s that simple:

Download the app free of charge from the Apple Store or Google Play. Then look at the marked pictures with the help of the app – and you’ll be taken into a parallel world. It works simply and brilliantly – ingenious!



An accompanying 36-page exhibition catalogue was also produced for this exhibition. All the works can be found in it, as well as the published quotations and a short info on the artists and the Artivive App team.

Here you can browse through the catalogue and if you feel like it, you can also own it in analogue form in high resolution: You can order the catalogue here Contact


Have you downloaded the app? Then you can add augmented reality to almost all the pictures with the Artivive icon.  Have fun!

And for all art enthusiasts who are not app enthusiasts: Please click here.

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