Image-making or Experimental Photography

Image-making or Experimental Photography by Eva Leopoldi

Creating images and stories with the help of photography and subsequent digital processing – that is the artist’s main work. She works intensively on this. She develops new ways of realising her ideas and always tries to remain open to developments and improvements.

The artist uses the possibility of consciously staged photography for her narratives, as well as the possibility of performative photography, triggered by a conscious action, but always with the knowledge that this action does not produce the result on its own, but that control is taken out of her hands the moment one gets involved with the apparatus and the technique.

The resulting images are clearly not necessary, but they are possible – they show in the playful way that is important to the artist that being different can be an enrichment of reality. Each picture tells a new story that no one knows yet. Every story can be developed into a new narrative. And this process can be repeated as often as desired.

Since I became aware of the fact that I don’t have all the strings in my hands when working with performance photography, and also use this in a targeted way, I feel that my art-making is much more exciting. This acceptance of coincidence has transformed what used to be a “tenseley tolerant attitude” into a “comfortably excited attitude”. I think this step is a significant step for me in my artistic activity.


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