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Art Photography by Eva Leopoldi – Introduction and Overview

To get you in the mood, let’s start with some photographs:



For me, the camera is the visual text editor of my narratives….the PC, the mouse and the software are the colours and the possibilities…. and together we are discoverers of chance, catchers of the newly discovered and staging #LudensArtifex.


The photographic artistic works shown here fall into the following main categories:

Representative Photography:

A photo of Passau use as a link
This includes works from the following areas: Traveling photography and city views, people and nature. Klick here!


All of the artist’s photographic work has a characteristic “Leopoldi label” through the choice of motif, the conscious use of technology and the processing – the photos simply show the world from her point of view, for example #myworldmycolours. This type of photography does not belong to any art philosophical direction, but is also a part of the artist’s photographic work in an effort to show new impressions and expanded perspectives here as well.



Image-making or Experimental Photography:

A staged Photo of two hands used as a link
This includes works from the fields of performative photography and staged photography. Klick here!


Staging art  was already consciously employed by Leopoldi in the painterly phase of art making.
Four steps are necessary for this:

1. the idea 
2. the narrative realisation 
3. the imaging on the medium 
4. the presentation.

A special feature of Leopoldi’s work is the use of alter egos, i.e. “second egos” called #Eva.xxxx etc., with which the artist stages her photographic self-portraits.



Performative Photography is by far the largest area of work in Eva Leopoldi’s photographic art.
She interprets this term for her art work as follows:

1. beginning of a conscious action 
2. a process is initiated 
3. dropping into the awareness that this process cannot be controlled 
4. associative occupation with the result 
5. digital further processing as ONE NEW truth among many.

Contingent photographs are thus created – they are neither necessary nor impossible, but show the possibility of “being different” in a playful way.


A summary of terminology relating to the field of photography can be found here:

A little theory


And here you can browse through the artist’s photo worlds:

Image-making photography  Representative photography