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Eva Leopoldi – the artist

You won't see the artist without her smartphone
Who is Eva Leopoldi, the artist? What distinguishes her art?


Leopoldi creates narrative art by using artistic photography and subsequent digital processing. She was a painter, mixed art artist, initiator and project manager of art projects, passionate photo artist and is concerned with art philosophies and currents.

Following Johan Huizinga and the media theorist Vilem Flusser, she calls herself a “playing artist”, i.e. “Ludens Artifex” #ludensartifex.
Huizinga places the thinking human being “Homo Sapiens” and the creating human being “Homo Faber” alongside the human being as a player “Homo Ludens”. Vilem Flusser expanded on this concept. Only by playing can people create and generate new information – even if these are not necessarily linked to each other!

This is precisely what distinguishes Leopoldi’s art: She wants to tell NEW THINGS, create NEW INFORMATION, and because there is a limitation in the activity of photography – only “photographable things” can be taken – she then digitally reworks her works. She develops new truths. It is not the world in front of the camera lens that is real, but the resulting photographic work that is real – but simply ONE reality out of MANY. For every playing artist, playing human being can succeed in designing new truths of their own.

In December 2021 she discovers the newly introduced art historical term #Techspressionism. This movement describes visual artists who use digital technologies to convey subjective, emotional content. Under this term, the artist finally finds herself arrived.
Here is the wonderful website with all the information on the term, artists and the manifesto of Techspressionism.

Eva and Klaus Kormann in front of a breathtaking mountain panorama
And what is the artist doing in her private life? Who is she? Click on the picture!

Artistic career

After the birth of her children, Eva Leopoldi switched from handicrafts to art, developed her own special painting technique on silk and studied art history and theories. At that time, she became intensively involved with the Appropriation Art. Postmodern appropriation refers to the act of quoting or reusing already existing elements within a new work of art.
By reusing within this NEWLY THOUGHT OF work, the original image is re-contextualised and the recipients receive a different, newly developed pictorial statement. 


Later, the painter developed further into a mixed-art artist, combining image, photography, text and video in her projects.

The picture series “Mon Paris”, for example, was created during numerous stays in Paris and for the complex project “12malanders.TheProject.”, which she initiated and directed, she worked together with other artists, twelve authors, a cartoonist and a photographer. An art book was produced for this project, which is also available via this website. In general, the challenge of filling a concept with original content is as important to her as painting

At the invitation of the Ministry of Economics of Baden Württemberg, Leopoldi presented the project #12malanders in Stuttgart.


The new orientation of her art, which now also includes photo projects, digital art and object art, is very clearly reflected in the new logo “Leopoldi-Art.repeated.different“.

And the desire to develop projects continues to be a passion of the artist. In 2017, for example, together with the entrepreneur and art lover Veronika Peters, she was the initiator and organiser of the Dada-like evening #MachmaKunst at the Altstadttheater Ingolstadt. Leni Brem and Falco Blome, the ” people behind the scenes” of the Altstadt Theatre, were the artistic directors.



I always want to tell a story. A picture that doesn’t tell anything is like a beautiful leaflet on the bookshelf for me. Unlike literary artists, visual artists are only able to give hints. Titles are an important part of this, to give the viewer some clues…. And of course the representational nature of a work (including form, colour, dimension, staging, medium, place of presentation). But isn’t that precisely where the attraction lies? The viewers are confronted with themselves, with their associations, which arise, provided they get involved and don’t just want to listen to the stories of the artists or exhibition guides or gallery owners – which is of course also legitimate, and frankly can also be fun….”


Leopoldi discovered the possibilities of augmented reality in 2018 and, together with the artist “Soussen”, presented the 1st exhibition in the Munich area that deals completely with the topic  (outside of the museum or university setting) – analogue meets digital – you leave the comfort zone”.

Both artists are equally enthusiastic about this way of expanding the art experience and thus bringing young people and kids into the exhibition. After all, one of Leopoldi’s major concerns is to present art to young people in a way that makes them want to engage with it and lose their shyness about exhibitions that are otherwise often elitist and boring.

Children and young people have fun looking at the pictures in the exhibition with their smartphones
The possibilities of augmented reality also appeal to young people in exhibitions.



I would like to see a more relaxed open attitude towards art – I don’t want a reverent silence in front of my works, but rather lived emotions, conversations and debate.”



In summer 2019, she was able to realise a heart’s desire with the art association Ku:nst International, of which she is also a member: The exhibition #I’mSimplyJustHuman.” Leopoldi is of the opinion that as an artist, it is one’s duty to take a stand. Because the artist has many more opportunities to be heard or seen in public than many others. The intolerance and discrimination that people who are perceived as “different” have to suffer is unacceptable.



Everyone can contribute to promoting equality and peace, through conversations, stories or actions in their small environment, their microcosm, and we artists are even lucky enough to reach people in a slightly larger radius and I believe it is our human duty to work against inequality.”


Since October 2020, Leopoldi has been a member of the Association Kunstverein Passau, because it is naturally also a concern of the artist to make contacts in her new and final home and then also to get involved.

The wonderful art project #kuico, which she has developed and is bringing to life together with photographer Simone Naumann, will be a kind of artistic documentation of the Corona period. Eva is deeply grateful for the support and participation of the people who share her thoughts and visual material.

Since 2021, the artist has also been a member of the Rottaler Fotofreunde association and the Kulturfreunde in Rotthalmünster. In her eyes, being part of the cultural world in the region is just as important as being part of an international photo community.



In March 2021, 2021 and 2022 I was a nominee of the Color Awards.

The INTERNATIONAL COLOR AWARDS are the leading international awards for excellence in colour photography. This acclaimed event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers worldwide and honours the finest images with the highest achievements in colour photography. The artist has participated since 2020 and has been one of the selected nominees of this competition every year. On the following page you can find out more and see the award-winning works:

Awards and more



“As a woman born in 1962, I would also like to artistically address women’s menopause in the next few years. But I will expand this concept – because not only the transition to an ageing woman is a change – there are many more changes in women’s lives. And why should it only be from a woman’s point of view?….Let me surprise you :)”. And here you can find latest news: