Project #12malanders


#12timesdifferent – People – Personalities – Professions

This project #12 times different opens the viewer’s eyes to rare professions and the extraordinary people behind them. People who swim against the tide, or at least across it, and of course write their very own unique life story in the process. These are professions that could be described as outside the norm. After all, who personally knows, for example, butlers, puppet doctors, prostitutes, treasure hunters, perfumers, sound designers, circus artists, falconers, trained dancers, humour consultants, brush makers, ocularists or a treasure hunter?

The project “12 times different” is the largest and most elaborate project in my artistic career. It accompanied me for 3 whole years, from 2011 to 2014. Starting with the profession of prostitute, I embarked on a journey of discovery and explored the personalities and also the job profiles of 12 (+1) professions. I am very grateful that I was able to get to know these people and gain an insight into worlds that were in part very different from the ones I had previously known.


Together with photographer Manfred Ehrenlechner, initiator Eva Leopoldi has embarked on a journey of discovery to twelve of these highly interesting people. A mood of these meetings is conveyed by the portraits of the individual personalities and the “insights” – an excerpt from Leopoldi’s personal notes. These insights portray the respective occupation holders and allow an (admittedly subjective) view of the personalities and their professions, or rather, their vocation.

Other artists, a young graphic designer and twelve authors, approached these different professions in their own personal, creative way at the invitation of the initiator. The whole project can be seen in a beautiful art book.


Remaining stocks of the books are still available. You can find out more here.

In the book you will find all the paintings of the project #12malanders. A few originals of this project can still be bought in the galeriothek. Copies of the other works are available on various media. Interested? Click here for the contact form.


This resulted in colour-intensive paintings on silk by Eva Leopoldi, extraordinarily staged art photographs that the painter developed and created together with Ehrenlechner, and epic and lyrical texts by 12 different literary figures from Germany and Austria.

You can read voices on the project here.

The project was on an exhibition tour in Germany – the highlight for the time being was the invitation from the Ministry of Economics to the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart.

Another profession followed in 2016, when the artist was allowed to visit the airbase in Neuburg with photographer Gabriele Rothweiler.

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