Art Projects by Leopoldi-Art.repeated.different.

Project work has been at the forefront of Eva Leopoldi’s work for many years.
Particularly noteworthy are the project #12malanders, the project #I am…Just a Human,#AnArtistSeesLiteratur, the dadaist-inspired theatre evening #MachMaKunst or the documentary project #kuico – Art in Corona Times.



Working on art projects is just as important to me as the actual “craft” implementation of the artistic ideas. Art as decoration has its justification, of course, but does not give me sufficient satisfaction. Not every project has to have a political or socially relevant message behind it. Sometimes art can simply be fun. But I think that we artists also have a certain responsibility to shape our environment, and narrative art is an effective method of making statements.
Eva Leopoldi. Leopoldi-Art.repeated.different.

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  • Die kleine Eva eingesperrt hinter Gitterstangen, aber überblendet von der wunderschönen Silhouette des Inndeltas
    Artproject #Kuico. Art in times of Corona.