Project #MonParis


Mon Paris – An artist presents the cosmopolitan city of Paris


In the years 2009-2011, the artist Eva Leopoldi was in Paris more than twelve times. During this period, she took countless photographs, had many experiences and got to know the city.

She also deliberately followed in the footsteps of personalities who had lived in Paris, such as Henry Miller or Jim Morrison.

In the artproject #MonParis, Leopoldi connected these stories and the real photographic material with her associations that Paris and Parisian life awakened in her.

More information on the individual images in the gallery.

  • Jim Morrison. Musician and poet. Here in front of his original front door of the house in Paris where he died.


The time I was able to spend in “my” Paris not only gave me motifs and ideas for my art. It was a very important experience to find my way around on my own and without knowing too much French language. I learned very, very much and also took a lot of self-confidence with me out of that time.

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