Project #AnArtistSeesLiterature


Literature from an artist’s point of view

#APainterSeesLiterature evolves into #AnArtistSeesLiterature

It is also the same in literature that every reader imagines the characters in these books differently. Eva Leopoldi’s Ronja Räubertochter definitely looks very different from the girl who played the role of Ronja in the film. That’s exciting, and it’s something to be talked about when this fact is the subject of an exhibition.

A first exhibition was shown in the library in the Herzogskasten in Ingolstadt in 2006. 

Since books have always been an important part of my life and have given me many wonderful associations and stories, I wanted to present this in an exhibition. So I painted MY idea of characters or scenes from books. In addition, I also painted some authors as a tribute. At the opening, short passages from the respective books were read aloud. In addition to the pure visual experience, the visitors had the opportunity to compare their own ideas with mine and to gain insights into new books or information about interesting authors they had never heard of before.

Over the years, more works have been added and more works will be added, because the approach of creating one’s own figures continues to inspire the artist. Paintings became artistically edited photographs.

A book with all the pictures, information and of course all the artworks is in progress.

This site still is under construction. Please, be a little patient. If you are interested in the pictures, see the German version of the site.