Galeriothek (en)

Galeriothek – What is that supposed to be?

A digitally processed photograph, showing an entrance to a room. The caption is: Galeriothek and on the side you can read "Printed and Painted"
Welcome to my Galeriothek (“Gallery Library”)

According to Google, this word doesn’t even exist yet – I think it’s about time.

Here, not only pictures or paintings are presented like in a gallery (in German Galerie), but also books like in a library (in German Bibliothek) ….. and if you combine them, you get my Galeriothek.


Google search results for the term #Galeriothek
It’s fun to see how my term #galeriothek is now found.


What can you find in my galeriothek?

Books and more – in the library

Of course, you can view the printed works of the artist Eva Leopoldi here – and also order them.
But here you will also find book tips. Books that the artist finds simply great and therefore would like to recommend, as a list that will be updated again and again.

The same photo of the gallery now shows a glimpse onto a bookshelf through the open door.
Here you can enter the library of Eva Leopoldi


Paintings and more – in the gallery

Of course, you can view and order paintings, editions and art prints by the artist Eva Leopoldi.
In the gallery there is also (soon) the area of videos – because nowadays there are also digital offers in every library.
And in planning is a weekly article – weekly art insights by Leopoldi-Art. Every week a new work of art, a book tip and an exhibition tip, briefly and (subjectively, of course) interesting.

Please contact me if you are interested in my art. I look forward to working with you on the artistic design of your walls or your house.


The same photo of the gallery now shows a glimpse onto a picture wall through the open door.
Here you can enter Eva Leopoldi’s gallery.


Or would you rather browse through Eva Leopoldi’s art projects?

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