Travelling photography of Eva Leopoldi

Travelling photography – a theme that has accompanied Eva Leopoldi all her life.

In addition to the field of city views, travel photography is an important part of Eva Leopoldi’s artistic work in the field of performative photography. Here, again, it is quickly apparent that the artist uses her very own style of representation.


Travelling means to me: discovering architecture, colours, shadows, smells, plants, nature, cultures, people, to accept, to marvel and to try to capture these impressions in pictures that show my new, own view.
Travelling by motorbike has a special significance for me.
With a motorbike it is possible to travel roads and experience and see things that cannot be discovered on conventional journeys.

Blick vom Col du Galibier
Col du Galibier – view on the one side…
Blick vom Col du Gabalier
Col du Galibier- …and view on the other side.

Here you can soon find more #traveling-by-motorbike-photos.


Walking around cities, letting yourself drift, finding perspectives that you don’t find at first glance, different architectural styles, street scenes, finding the special in general, all that I really find exciting.

Blick auf die Brücke über die Steyr in der Stadt Steyr
View of Steyr

Capturing cities in her own unique way is a special kind of photography by Eva Leopoldi. The Leopoldi cities deserve their own page and that is why you will find #cityscapes here.


Travelling itself, i.e. moving from A to B, is also always a topic to my taste – but as always, according to the motto #IcreatetheworldasIlikeit.

Fotografie einer einfahrenden U-Bahn in München
Underground in Munich

More shots on the topic of #travelmovements can be found here soon.


Another field of travel photography is the #specialperspective. Be it down from towers, from aeroplanes or from high mountains, but also from the frog’s perspective or similar unusual angles.

Blick von unten auf ein altes Gebäude in Venedig

Find more #SpecialPerspectives shots here soon.


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