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Eva Kormann is Eva Leopoldi

Born in Ulm in 1962, Eva Leopoldi spent her youth and family time in/near Ingolstadt and has been living and working with her second husband Klaus Kormann in Kößlarn near Passau since 2019. A few thoughts describe a bit what kind of person she is…


Eva Kormann – that’s my name in “normal” life since 2018. Of course – even as Eva Kormann I am always the artist. Because you don’t need a name to be an artist. But since art also has to be “found”, I still use the artist name Leopoldi for “everything about art”. 

Describing myself is difficult – so here a few things that came to my mind spontaneously. Otherwise, you can recognise a lot of my essence in my art – and it is easier for me to tell something about myself with art than to write about it…


What I like: Laughing, loving, learning, good conversations, sun and warmth, motorbike trips, mountains, swimming, listening to music, concerts, good movies, good books, cooking, good food, fine drinks, loving people around me, the camera of my mobile phone, my Predator, concentrated work, walking cities, playing games, having time to relax, fooling around and being crazy…. and of course art in all its varieties.


What I don’t like: coldness, intolerance, boring people, traffic jams, constant negative news, not being able to help even though I want to help, having to fake my way through things (I also do this very poorly), my impatience, too many people around me, wasting energy, mindless work, arrogance, people who post post-factual things, my chaotic organization, …


For what I am very grateful:  My family, especially my two sons, the specialness of a second wonderful marriage, the luxury of being able to pursue my art, the luxury of being able to live here in Germany, especially here in Bavarian Tuscany, the crafts skills that I was given in my cradle, still having an eye for the small special things, the openness with which I can approach people.

Eva and Klaus Kormann in London

At Madame Tussaud`s in London

View down from the mountain onto countless serpentines

Our BMW GS takes us up all the mountains

My husband and me are passionate motorcyclists

Eva Kormann

At the top of the mountains I come to rest….