Project #Eva.2020.

Project #Eva.2020 – Eva with rough edges

The alter ego that was used here differs from the previous ones, because this small figure was designed by the artist herself. Two series were created with this Eva with rough edges:

Series I, #Eva.2020. and Series II, #Eva.2020.C., which is characterised by corona impressions.

The emergence of the figure:

People change and so inevitably my alter ego must change too… So I left the Eva.2017. to perish in the fire with the knowledge that something new emerges from everything. Not without reason there is a Phoenix tattooed on my left shoulder…. And then this new Eva.2020 came into being:

Photo of modelling wax, modelling tool and smoothing flame
Modelling tools

First I worked on a wax model, then I created this little sculpture in a 3D printer, and finally I was able to put the finishing touches on it again with wonderful craftsmanship using a Dremel.

The small sculpture Eva.2020. as a wax figure
Way model with scan-spray

And this little figure, that’s really me, not because it looks like me, but because I didn’t make it perfect, because she stands a bit crooked and not symmetrical in the world. She doesn’t look graceful, rather a bit “robust”. The hands definitely seem as if this Eva.2020 also drops glasses, cups or plates to the floor from time to time. She has her gaze upwards because she sees things that others may not see or notice, even if that is why she sometimes stumbles or trips over the obvious things in front of her.

Little Eva.2020 stands next to the cup that is broken


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