Project #Eva.2017.

Self-Portraits Eva.2017. – The marvelling

The theme for the staged self-portraits in the Eva.2017. series was astonishment. Eva Leopoldi is aware of what a blessing it is to still be able to marvel these days. Because in her opinion, amazement gives us happiness and humility on the one hand and new knowledge on the other. And that is why she has dedicated a project to the topic of wonder. She has additionally equipped some photographs with augmented reality, an expanded dimension that can be accessed with the app Artivive. See below for more information.


We should all learn to marvel again! In my opinion, the most important distinction between humans and animals is the ability to marvel. Astonishment is pausing, being startled, being moved, realising and not understanding all in one, and it gives us happiness, curiosity and further development. Would you like to hear what I think about amazement? The photo gives you an expanded dimension. So – download the Artivive app, listen, watch…

Artist Eva Leopoldi in search of amazement, always with her mobile phone in hand
This pic is an Artive Picture

Augmented Reality – a great way to bring images to life!

For this project, some of the photos were “animated” using the Artivive app! Here’s how it works:

Download the app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play. Then look at the marked pictures with the help of the app – and you are taken into a parallel world. It works simply and brilliantly – ingenious!


So – download the app from the Appstore onto your mobile phone, and here you can already experience the additional dimension that Eva Leopoldi has deposited behind the pictures – Tipsy amazement and Relieved amazement. Have fun!


And here are some works from the series Eva.2017.


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