Appropriation Art by Eva Leopoldi

Appropriation Art by Eva Leopoldi – Always with a twinkle in her eye

As an introduction to this phase of Eva Leopoldi’s art, here another object that was certainly not often presented on a wall in exhibitions:

A written rear window of a car serves as an artistic way to show art for Eva Leopoldi
A rear window is not a rear window is not a rear window….

From an art-theoretical point of view, my pictures would have to be regarded as fakes, intended for a purely strategic use, since they fulfilled the following conditions summarised by Stefan Römer:

  • A fake is understood as a reproduction that communicates its image-to-image relationship. Recognition or familiarisation is intended to reveal the falsely assumed uniqueness in images.
  • The traditionally mimetic imitation is extended by self-reflection and subsequent processing.
  • I repeat an image, but there is no correspondence in terms of constituents.

I have, however, used the term ANEIGNUNGSKUNST. “Appropriation” as a possibility to work mimetically and “art” as an expression of the artistic concept in contrast to pure painting.


Of course, the artist had made dozens of silk paintings over the years. But here she would like to present only a few. You will find more paintings in different projects.

Leopoldi, in fact, feels like re-appropriating and changing her own works – and developing the theme of appropriation art squared as a new small project. Coming soon.

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