AnalogueMeetsDigital for “appless” art lovers

It also works without apps…

Since not all people have so much fun with the possibilities of mobile phone apps, on this page a short insight into how you can enhance pictures with additional information (Video 1), or simply create an additional “fun layer” (Video 2).


In this video I offer additional information on the life of the aviatrix Thea Rasche. I had some research on the job description of a jet pilot, which women in aviation history have also written history, and I came across the “Flying Fräulein”. Thea Rasche fascinated me a lot and so I placed her picturesquely in front of a photo background that I had taken in the Albanian Northern Alps. Since I’m always keen to tell a story, the opportunity to offer additional information material with the help of the Artivive app is just great. And the two “propeller machines flying into the picture” with flight sound are meant to take the viewer visually and auditorily on an imaginary journey.



This video is simply a fun video. The image was originally part of the series Eva.2017 and I then edited it for the exhibition #AnalogTrifftDigital and added the additional video layer with the help of the Artivive software. I finally decided to share the video publicly on YouTube, because it’s just so much fun.

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