Leopoldi-Art? Attempt of explanation

What is the meaning of the term Leopoldi-Art….

…or even better Leopoldi-Art.repeated.different? Here is an attempt to unravel this term:


What do you find on these pages? Painting? Photography? Digital art? Art projects?

Yes! Exactly that. And that’s why the artist uses the addition Leopoldi-Art.repeated.different.


And why are there so many quotes? – Quite simply, this website is quite text-heavy and to make it more fun for visitors to click through the pages, there are factual reports about the artist and her work, quotes from the artist that you can also listen to and soon some videos will also be included. Leopoldi quotes are announced with the following graphic:


Leopoldi-Art – a beautiful bilingual play on words… Leopoldi-Art not only stands for my internationality, but also describes the typically “Leopoldian” way in which I tell stories with my work.


Leopoldi has always described herself as a collector. She collects pictures, books, articles, impressions, experiences, is curious about the world and enthusiastic about many new things. Because she is sure that a person who is poor in external and internal stimuli and experiences cannot have enough material to develop new ideas or projects. She needs these challenges in order to be able to transcend boundaries. She puts these individual treasures together anew, changes them, develops them further, because….


I want to tell stories. I make art because the ideas and thoughts simply have to come out of my head.
For me,
project work is just as important as the craftsmanship involved in implementing the ideas. And yes, of course I want to be able to communicate with my work, to have conversations, to get feedback, to be perceived as an artist. But I would not be able to make NO art if I did not have this possibility of presentation. I have to be creative, want to build something, need this challenge to work on new projects, to work my way into a subject. I have to be allowed to be curious, to be able to learn something, to be allowed to develop further in art, to participate in a further development of art.

And she just takes things as they come – since her hands no longer work so well when she paints, she has swapped the brush for the camera or the mouse, and she creates the colours with her graphics programmes. Everything is possible…

And as happens so often in life, an initially “forced” change in art creation leads to further development and reorientation. The newly created photographic and digitally processed artworks show a lightness, cheerfulness and creativity, due to the almost infinite possibilities of image processing. Thus, the artist has acquired the epithet #ludensartifex, the playing artist – in reference to the term “Homo Ludens”, the playing human being.Because that’s exactly what she wants to do, play with all the possibilities, try to create something in this game, to create new information, according to the motto #IcreatetheworldasIlike



Also important in the artist’s understanding of art is the assumption that no one needs particularly expensive or elaborate equipment to make quality art. Leopoldi (currently) works with the things that surround her in daily life. The camera is that of her mobile phone, the Leica Triple camera from Huawei and the Predator with which she does graphic work is also already in the affordable upper class, but Leopoldi refuses to spend more money than necessary. And that is why the photographic stagings are also populated with things that are in her possession. So one can discover aluminium foil, mirrors, tables, “things of the heart”, their own motorbikes….. The small sculpture “Eva.2.2020”, for example, is modelled by Leopoldi in wax, scanned and printed with the 3-D printer and not cast in metal.

High-quality art is created in the mind and does not depend on the material used – that is her motto.



During my art project “12 times different” I enjoyed building complete stage sets in original size, invested a lot of time and money to get the equipment, the locations and the necessary staff etc. that were simply necessary in my eyes for this. That was a great experience – but you can and want to make that effort only once in your life. In the present, I want to try to deliver the same quality with the simplest means possible. It’s a great challenge that is a lot of fun.