People and human

Why not portrait photography?

In art history, portrait is the appropriate term for the representation of one or more people.

Eva Leopoldi, however, prefers the term people and human to point out that her artistic photographs are not posed, aesthetically perfect representations, but simply people she is trying to capture in movements, which she portrays in certain staging, which she encounters. And at the same time, this also includes the photography of scenes or things that show human behaviour.

The human being as a subject is not something new to me. In painting, I have always been interested in people who had or have a story. The artistic realisation is simply always exciting!

In my opinion, the key feature of portrait painting is not only the direct depiction of the subject, but capturing the inner essence – the feelings that the portrayed person conveys, or the feelings that the artist, photographer receives quite subjectively. Here, too, I tell stories.

Rarely do I simply make photorealistic portraits; as in painting, I work with colouring, filters, processing, and I do so until the result corresponds to my inner image. And I experiment with slightly different angles, a deliberate blurring, a reference to art or simply because I am just having fun trying something new.

The human being in motion is an important part of my “portraits”.

And of course, humour must not be missing from the subject of people…


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