Nature photography

Which motifs count as nature photography?

An exciting topic is always the philosophical division of culture versus nature.
Nature is defined as: Part of the world that was not created by man, but that came into being by itself. The nature of the earth, our natural environment, the nature of the cosmos, including for example the moon and the sun, etc.
Contrasted with nature is man’s culture, not least his art. However, we humans are simply also a part of living nature. We shape landscapes into so-called cultural landscapes, build houses and cities as well as traffic routes, create works of art. But wild animals as part of nature can also make constructions, for example as dwellings, which we perceive as artistic and, like humans, they can pass on forms of behaviour. So do these animals also have a culture? That’s a subject that always occupies me…

In any case, nature photography for me means: capturing colours, shadows, light plays, weather phenomena, smells, plants, natural lines and patterns, animals and even sometimes humans as part of nature.
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Unterschiedliche Bäume im Wald in verfremdeten Farben hellblau/grün
In the forest I felt so light blue in my head

The forest right next to the artist’s home has a special significance. It is where she grounds herself, where she draws strength; there are hardly any people on the road, no one disturbs her in her own world of thoughts, in her devotion, in the discovery of motifs.

Leopoldi feels that this closeness to the forest is an absolute gift.

Here you can find soon current #forest-pics.


Fotografie einer Szene am Inn, der Fluss, etwas Vegetation und zwei fliegende Schwäne
Innauen natural paradise near Ering…just a little edited…

Just as I love the mountains, I also love water – from dewdrops to the sea. Water, like the forest, is life – without water and trees we would not be on earth. At the same time, it is a matter of course for me that I can also let my creativity flow into the photographic work, according to the motto #IcreatetheworldasIlikeit.

Here you can find soon current #water-pics.


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